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Organic Grapefarming.

Our estate vineyard is of the utmost importance to us. We manage it with the same attention as we do any member of the family.  It is a living organism and we strive to create a balanced ecosystem in which all vines thrive and can express themselves to their fullest.  Our grapes are the only grapes we use in our winemaking. Grown at 375m above sea level and in the heart of the Castelli di Jesi appellation, they carry the spirit and soul of each unique block. Block Staffolo, with western exposure, is dedicated to the Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva Classico while Block Casa, with northern exposure, is dedicated primarily to Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes which form the Marche Bianco IGT, our signature orange wine.

Old vines.

Our old vines were planted in 1970. Two vineyard blocks, one Verdicchio, one Trebbiano and Malvasia. These are the base for our two wines.

2 vineyard blocks.

2 wines.

New vines.

The cycle of nature continues.

Adjacent to our old vines, a field where rotational crops have thrived for centuries, where the soil is rich and the exposure is prime, two new vineyard blocks have been planted.


Clay based soil. Rich in calcium, minimum part sand.

375m above sea level.

No chemicals. Ever.

Manual pruning

The winter pruning is arguably the most important phase of the annual vineyard management, setting the stage for the current and future growing seasons.

Exclusively by hand.

Plant by plant.

Grass cover

Permanent wild grass cover between our rows encourages plant biodiversity which leads to a healthy ecosystem and rich soil.

Cluster selection.

By selecting clusters, we reduce the yield to concentrate nutrients on a smaller amount of fruit so at harvest the grapes are in top condition.

Quality not quantity.

Manual harvest.

We harvest by hand in small crates to ensure fruit is not damaged in the process. Each cluster is a gem and handled carefully by our team.